Setting the world record for the longest surviving solo expedition to the South Pole, Aaron Linsdau is the only polar explorer to have self-funded, filmed, produced, and written a documentary about his expedition. He was able to film this feature-length film using ultra-light technology in the most forbidding and hostile environment on Earth.

He has worked as the director of photography on the film Ice Cream for Tom, was the cinematographer for the Sweetwater Union High School District’s after-school program for anti-bullying, and was the director of photography for the highly acclaimed educational film featuring the United States Gold Panning Champion.

Linsdau is a well-known international keynote speaker. He has spoken with corporate, organization, and education audiences in North America, Europe, and South America, sharing his insight into what it takes to succeed against impossible odds.

Aaron’s book Antarctic Tears is the only book by an American to have successfully skied to the South Pole alone. Explorers from all around the world have used his book as a reference of what it’s like to be alone in Antarctica. The book shares just how difficult and overwhelming polar exploration can be. His book Lost at Windy Corner recounts his harrowing experience on Denali.

Author of the highly popular Total Eclipse Guide Series on the 2017 and 2024 total eclipses across the United States, Linsdau touched hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe with his books. He shared his excitement in an easy-to-understand writing style that made it possible for the average person to appreciate and understand how to safely view, photograph, and plan for the total eclipses.

Linsdau is an Eagle Scout and recipient of the National Eagle Scout Association’s Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. Since 2014, he has hosted an expedition outreach booth at the San Diego Scout Fair. He focuses on showing youth from disadvantaged communities that it’s possible to achieve world records despite their challenges while growing up.

Aaron has been featured on television, and in multiple newspapers and magazines across the United States. He is a member of the National Speaker Association, is a senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is a member of the American Alpine Club, an is active in the Boy Scouts.